All Of Me – Single

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Alain Pernot – All Of Me
A new single with passionate lyrics and groundbreaking melodies.

Alain Pernot is an artist and songwriter with a very unique approach to his music. His signature sound combines intensely appealing melodies paired with musical arrangements as intriguing as attractive and magnifically crafted personal lyrics. His unique and distinct sound came about from listening and being inspired by artists such as Rush, Coldplay, U2, Radiohead, Daniel Bélanger or Muse, among others. His most recent single, “All Of Me” is a passionate track, which is particularly groundbreaking for its heartfelt lyrics and clever musicality. Alain has a way with words, and his witty lyrics can reach deep within the hearts and minds of his listeners. In addition to that, he’s all about blurring the lines between various genres, categories and ideas. “All Of Me” is an outstanding taste of Alain’s creativity and talent, as well as his unique approach to songwriting. – Laserlife